From a panel or post fixed, or the whole fence needs replacing, I can talk you though all the options that will suit your needs and budget.

Close board
feather edge
Chain link

A high end fence which is built on site, the post are 5 x 4 ins, and can be at heights of 4 foot to 6.6 foot high.

Larch lap
panel fence

A very common fence , which can be incorporated within many fixings.

Wooden or concrete posts and gravel boards can be used for extra durability. trellis can be added for an extra touch.

Chain link, can be a permanent or temporary fence,

ideal for segregating large areas or outlining large border lines.

Hit and Miss/


Very versatile fence, can be made in many different ways and styles, good if you have obstacles or curved angels .

Can been made into an Acoustic fence, should noise need to be muffled.